Unfortunately there is a wide achievement gap in the United States between African American students and other races.  Below is a break down of Missouri state assessment scores of African American students.  This information is important because a lot of districts have test scores that will conclude you that their school is the best choice for your child.  However if you look at the scores of only African American students, you can base your decision on what is best for your child (if African American).  If your child is not African American then common ways to determine the best school for your child is suitable.  Meaning, there is no reason for a sub report.  The regular US education reform information does not need to be looked at further to determine what is best for your child depending on minority factors.

School Name                       Failing       Success                                                                                                                                        

State African American belowbasic/






State- White 14.1/19.1 45.2/21.6
State – All 18.6/20.7 42.2/18.4
Clayton 33.3/18.2 33.3/15.2
Pattonville 14.9/20/6 50.4/14.2
Northside Community School 15.9//20.5 54.6/9.1
Normandy 36.7/28.0 26.1/9.3
Ritenour 31.0/29.1 33.8/6.2
University City 42.6/25.9 26.9/4.6
Ferg/Florissant 36.3/26.7 32.7/4.4
Jennings 28.3/19.8 31.6/20.3
SLPS 48.9/25.1 22.5/3.6
Confluence 41.4/33.3 13.6/.9
Parkway 26.3/22.2 39.4/12.1
Kirkwood 21.7/23.9 41.3/13.0
Francis Howell 17.5/32.0 40.3/10,3
Ladue 25.0/22.7 40.9/11.4
Jamaa 74.4
Riverview 45.7/29.5 22.9/1.9
Rockwood 26.2/26.7 37.7/7.4
Immerson 38.6/42.9 15.7/2.9
Premier Charter 30.8/42.3 23.1/3.9
Webster Grove 37.0/16.7 40.7/5.6
Brentwood 25.0/12.5 50.0/12.5



I personally did the research because being involved in education reform, I wanted to assure that my grandchild was attending a great school.  I knew to only research black students scores because many diverse schools have high scores with a wide achievement gap between African american and students.  I was pleasantly shocked when I discovered how well my granddaughters school, Northside Community performed compared to other schools in Missouri.

The schools low teacher to student ratio along with some great staff is the number one reason this school is performing in the same arena as Clayton, one of the best schools in the state.  Other predominantly African American schools have more proficient and advanced African American schools then many of their suburban neighboring schools.