Welcome.  My name is Crystal Washington and I have been an educator for 18 years.  I know your children and students are the most important things in your life.  I hope to provide you with information to help you help and protect them.

Early on in my career I became a student advocate as I have witnessed crimes and other oppression intentionally inflicted upon children attending at-risk schools in St. Louis. I’m sure have heard of the many horror stories of bullying and even rapes that happen or start at school.  And I hope we can share these things together along with resources to help stop these horrible things.

Because of my advocacy, I have worked at nearly 20 school districts in St. Louis, MO and East St. Louis, IL.

Years ago, I realized that I could not change a corrupt system which has turned into a money grab of profits off of poverty.  I have since chosen to share the many stories I have witnessed and share other stories as a means to creating solutions while educating unknowing parents to the environment they may be sending their children into.

In 2009, I wrote a book entitled White Shirt which describes my many traumatic experiences as a child and other things which called me to this journey of advocacy.  I hope this website will serve as another platform that brings teachers, administrators, policy makers and parents together in an effort to make society better in a safe environment for our children.

I am currently working on my second book and it will be specifically about sexual trauma happening to kids while at school.  I know this subject is hard to think about b ut that is the exact reason predators get away with preying on our kids.  I look forward to tackling this with you.